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The circle cannot be drawn

If mapping the competitive landscape or gaining insights into market channels, users design preferences, technical product development or identification of key acquisitions fits your needs, then step into Open Space. We will help you identify what will most improve your options and recommend strategic direction.

Open Space is a boutique consultancy that connects with networks of experts, product and service specifiers and information providers to assure relevancy and accuracy of counsel and information.

Specialized data analysis is performed in-house.  Structured market interviews are conducted by our partners.  For focus group facilities we rely on our partner, amg-research, that has a new custom-built site north of Pittsburgh PA.  

Open Space holds the mid ground between those who know the needs of their industry and those who need access and insight to make investment decisions. 

Confidentiality and credibility are our assurance to all.

The managing director has several years of experience in metals production, electric power grid equipment and electrochemistry.  As a past chair of the nanomanufacturing tech group for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), experts in widely diverse industries have become available for consultation on product development in emerging technologies.

[This site is still a work in progress and is a mix of canned marketing stuff and some of our own.  Right now we are better than this looks but we are available at 330-385-4813 to provide assistance.  We will connect our teams through Office 365 SharePoint.]


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Open Space Consultants

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As a core operating driver we never find ourselves complete within ourselves.

God is not contained within any circle.

We are always receiving new light.

We are always prepared to discuss issues at this level.



Our process is a team effort, coupling what your team already knows and running hard to find the rest of the story. We turn data into information and information into insight and direction. 

Determined to share creativity whether looking at the very small or building a large vision able to step into the growth curve.

The Circle cannot be Drawn

From a business perspective it is clear that decision-making is never done with complete information.

There is always data coming in from the outside or piling up unused in models.  Still decisions must be made 

  • Exercise caution about what the team thinks it knows
  • Expect something new
  • Remember competitor response patterns
  • Do the math
  • Look beyond your niche or industry segment
  • Which  changing technologies should you be watching
  • Ponder as well as Plan



Strategic Planning

Whether you need to have some serious work done on your social media marketing, we have marketing experts who can help.

Positioning & Acquisitions

The Industry map is probably not smooth but you know that.  Let us test some of your assumptions and confirm or update perceptions.

Something else may fit better

What is it that your team doesn’t know or can’t know or can’t ask?

Always confidential for you and the key industry players.

Intelligent Design

Manufacturing advice from nanotechnology and bio-influences.  Our lead consultant is a past chair of the Society of Manufacturing Engineers nanoMfg Tech Group.

Advice on plastics, metal and ceramics

Adventures of Goldbug

Always coming to you

Goldbug is an Office 365 and Skype4b pro that prefers home cooking and would rather work together on-line.  Plenty of trade shows to cover, though, and he will come for the face-to-face interaction. Actually, Goldbug didn’t make it back from Chicago last time.  He wanted his picture with a guitar player and missed the plane.

San Diego

Sometimes it is better to meet to discuss issues and approaches and shared capabilities.  We need to get ahead of what your team already knowsReiterating or repackaging what you know may confirm some key points, but you will be better served if we can discover new insight, so establishing a trust relationship is essential.  Our process is not about telling you what you knowExpect a better understanding and clearer strategic options.



Determined to share creativity whether looking at the very small or building a large vision able to step into the growth curve.

Creating profitable growth is only helpful if the company retains its vision. Destroying a company’s spirit in the interest of growth only leads to a failed enterprise.

Reaching out to our extensive network of expert  contacts confirming assumptions or redirecting efforts is a key success factor in proving actionable insight.