Making decisions with full information??

Making decisions based on good data??

We improve your probabilities of choosing wisely 

Open Space is a boutique consultancy that connects with networks of experts, product and service specifiers and information providers to assure relevancy and accuracy of counsel and information.
Specialized data analysis is performed in-house.  Each client receives director level attention.  There are no boilerplate recommendations.

Structured market interviews are conducted by our partners.  We use amg-research located in the Pittsburgh PA area for focus group operations.  Their new focus group facility opened in March 2018.  It is completely equipped and custom built on experience.  

Open Space holds the mid ground between those who know the needs of their industry and those who need access and insight to make investment decisions.  Confidentiality and credibility are our assurance to all.

The managing director has several years of experience in metals production, electric power grid equipment and electrochemistry.  As a past chair of the nanomanufacturing tech group for the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME), experts in widely diverse industries have become available for consultation on product development in emerging technologies.

Founded in 1985, we’ve worked with large and small companies and entrepreneurs to successfully build their businesses. Our focus is finding open space where your business can compete profitably.

Professional Services

Voice of Customer

Competitive Landscape Mapping

Product Line Gap Analysis

Supply Chain Analysis

Due Diligence

Acquisition Fit

Expert Interviews

Statistical Analysis of Big Data

Product Development


Iterative Process 

No doubt, your company has made good decisions on bad information or on just too much data to see the path ahead clearly.

Our founder has said, “You will find few dumb ideas given the context in which they were made.  There are some, but often what has occurred is a process that turned data into data.” We know the difference.

Or there have been staff time constraints that precluded wading through potential options.  There is a lot of blocking and tackling needed.

We include your project team to the extent that they want to participate usually through our Microsoft 365 SharePoint Sites specifically tailored to your project requirements.

We often work among our own contact networks to gain background and depth of understanding of your products, processes, industry.  We probably already talk your industry product language but there is always a communications ramp-up.  We shorten the learning curve to get ahead of your team.


Our process allows us to uncover technical insights, trends, gaps, strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Our conclusions and recommendations are not hearsay

Our founder has said, “You will never know what you know until you know.”

Has every model we have built been error-free? No, we don’t give you a free pass on decision making and thinking.  You know a lot, but we will have a wider scan of the market, industry and product applications.

Models lead to assumptions, sensitivity analysis and testing.

We have red-flagged many possible directions, with recommendations and potential acquisitions.  Sometimes you need an outsider to say, No.  We will say, no, even if we are not invited back.  And if it is yes, we will know based on findings, not assumptions and best guesses.